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Meet "SHAKE" Washington

New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Children & Community

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Dear community members,


I am excited and humbled to have officially declared my candidacy for Hillsborough County’s School Board - District 6.


Prior to retiring in June of 2017, I had a thriving and successful career with Hillsborough County Public Schools for 42 years.  I began my career as an instructional assistant and rose through the ranks to teacher, assistant principal, principal, area director, with my career culminating as the Area IV superintendent.  


As a proud United States Army Veteran having served for 24 years in many positions within the military and the public school system, I understand leadership and the importance of nurturing our teachers, staff and leaders so that they offer our children their very best.


I am a fiscal hawk and believe that we need the most efficient and effective people working in the system.  I understand what works and what does not work. Our schools need to provide the highest level of education for our children so they can compete for the best jobs on the world stage. To do that, I believe the emphasis should be on learning, problem solving, and critical thinking - not just learning how to take a test. A solid foundation built upon science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math, should be the core of the focus. In addition, communication skills (reading, speaking, and writing) are essential to be successful in today’s business environment. Instead of trying to “re-invent the wheel” with the newer common core, and the over-testing of our children, we should allow our teachers to teach, and our children to learn.

Though I am proud of the many wonderful accomplishments realized by the students and staff of Hillsborough County, I understand that some of our families and communities have begun to have doubts about those decisions.  Comparatively, the economic well-being of our school district has caused others to question the sustainability of our investment in their children.  Our school board requires members willing to put our children first and to defend our mission of providing our students education and support systems that ensure their continued success at all costs.  If elected to the school board, I will be the community’s voice and our children’s advocate.


I look forward to running a positive campaign, having a true dialogue with stakeholders and meeting challenges head on. Together, we can help our children become the future leaders of Hillsborough County, America, and the world. Together, we can take our already great school district, and make it the best in the state!


I would be honored and humbled to have your support to ensure a common sense approach to education. I give my word we will do it together. Let's shake on it! 



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